About Me

Hi, I'm Lyndsey! I am an artist located in Southern California. You can call me the Queen of Eyeballs if you want. 👁

My art background runs as deep as I can remember- some of my earliest memories are of me and my dad drawing together.  He particularly loves drawing comic book characters, creepy and cool original characters, and gorgeous nature scenes. He can draw basically any cartoon OR realism human beings extraordinarily well, and it inspired me from a very young age to attempt to do the same.

My drawing inspiration began with animals, flowers, cartoons, the usual but I would draw entire comic books and illustrations to go along with the books I would write myself. In high school I began painting with acrylics now and then, making gifts for friends and family and home decor. Now I am ready to share my creations with the world. In some ways they are illustrations of my introspective awakenings, dreams, and deepest desires.  
Fast forward a few years and LIKE TEN MEDIUMS LATER… I still draw, but now I LOVE to paint. If I could do it full time, I would. So I’m going to try. 

Here I come world. Me and all of my eyeballs are coming for you. With peace, kindness, love, passion, and aggressive support. With grateful and open hearts (wait a second- can eyeballs have hearts?!) we thank you for visiting our universe… welcome and stay awhile here… it’s wacky and surreal and spiritual and free!